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Traditional Strategies,

Cutting-Edge Algorithms.

Mission & Core Values

Zeal Reserve looks for proven strategies and technologies that are already providing real world solutions in the digital asset space. In addition, we look for opportunities on an upward trajectory that support the underlying infrastructure of the entire ecosystem. This approach limits our downside risk while simultaneously providing massive upside potential to our investors.

Our core values are capital preservation, innovation, and transparency. Our mission is to build value in our investments, partnerships, and community. While we do focus on maximizing returns while limiting drawdowns, we also have an understanding that creating true wealth comes from investing in technologies, infrastructure, and relationships that will shape future generations.

Our current offering focuses on the DeFi sector and presents an opportunity for early entry into one of the newest areas in the digital asset space. Based on our extensive research and comprehensive strategies, we’ve identified leading innovators in the space which will reward early adopters who capitalize on this opportunity.

What Makes Zeal Different?

Managed Risk

In times of high volatility, crypto exchanges are known to lock up and cause forced liquidations for the many funds that employ high-leverage trading. Zeal Reserve maintains a maximum leverage ratio of 1:1 which protects us from these catastrophic events.

Cutting Edge

Zeal utilizes fully autonomous machine learning systems. Cryptocurrency markets operate 24/7, which means we have to as well. Continuously updating our databases from our data feeds allows Zeal to enter and exit positions immediately when the markets begin to react. Zeal team works diligently to discover, test, and develop new data sources that will further improve Zeal’s systems.

Seasoned Professionals

Our dedicated and experienced professionals bring years of experience working with cutting-edge algorithms and hedge fund strategy to the Crypto asset class. Members of the Zeal Reserve team have held leadership roles with highly respected institutions such as UCLA and ING.

Highly Incentivized

Our strong performance-based fee structures mean that we strive to protect the capital of our clients first, and grow their investments second. We succeed when our clients succeed. Moreover, all of our managing members maintain a co-invest in our funds to further ensure an alignment of interest.

Fully Transparent

Zeal Reserve is proud to be a shining light in an industry where others prefer to play in the shadows. Detailed breakdowns of our holdings and positions are available by request to all of our investors. All clients have access to their equity and Daily P/L with Zeal through an interactive client dashboard, bringing clarity to client’s investments. 

Institutionally Oriented

Zeal Reserve is the bridge between cryptocurrency and institutional investment, leveraging experienced team members and a strong capital-preservation mindset to bring superior risk-adjusted returns to our clients. We use industry-standard systems to provide a new and rewarding, yet familiar investment experience.